H-Bridge Motor Driver - SN754410 Breakout Board

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This is an Hbridge motor driver based on the popular SN754410 chip from Texas Instrument.
The board allows you to quickly use the SN754410 chip IC without breadboarding and finding the right components while still providing the same flexibility of a breadboard such as:

  • Removable IC chip in case it got damaged. 
  • Easy access to all the chip IO pins using the built in screw terminal block.

 Motor controller connection requirement:

  1. Motor voltage supply (4.5-36v).
  2. Logic supply ( 4.5-5v).
  3. Motor control signal connection ( Motor enable and direction signals) 

Here are the board specs:

  • Wide motor supply-voltage range of 4.5 V to 36 V
  • Separate logic 5v supply.
  • 1-A Output-Current Capability.
  • Terminal block connections. 
  • Built in 8 protection schottcky diodes.
  • Removable SN754410 chip.
  • Included removable heat sink.
  • Indicator power LED.
  • 4 mounting holes-needs 2-56 screws.

This product was designed and built in USA.


Microcontroller control Code

         Arduino Motor control code download

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