Capacitive Low Side Switch **RevisionB**

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Designed and built in USA.
CP100 is a state of the art solid state capacitive sensing switch available in momentary or toggle mode. It could be used anywhere a mechanical switch is required. The switch center LED will turn on indicating a switch has been activated.

CP100 boasts an excellent noise immunity against radiated and conducted noise, such as audio and radio frequency (RF) noise.

The sensor is also available with an off-board sensor connected with a wire length up to 12”. The external sensor is available in 0.5”and 1” diameter as an optional item.

Please note that the round external sensor with wire is an optional item and is available seperately for purshase.


  • Capacitive switch available in toggle or momentary mode.
  • Switches a max 3 A load current. (New higher amps rating).
  • Senses through an overlay with 3.2mm 
  • Wide input voltage supply ranging from 5.5v to 24v.
  • Provision to attach an external sensor to increase sensitivity (see datasheet).
  • Board size is 1" in diameter.



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